Survey Time

Monday, 30-Jun 2014 @ 9:07am

Having completed the job on Casuarina, we started reviewing our plans for the lower section of Three Hills Singletrack.  Our flagging ribbons were removed some time ago and we wanted to update our previous plans and drain locations.  In some places we will need to work on how water drains from the fire road and trail prior to closing the old line, but we aleady knew that.  The terrain again impressed with its transition from softer vegetation and soil, to rocky ground and steeper terrain up near the start of Exit Trail.

It's pretty boring looking at flagging tape in bushland, so no pics of the trail line at this stage.  However, here are a couple showing our last closures  another week on

We went for a bit of a walk after to see what was happening with the new log ride structure on Exit Trail.  It is no more - cut up by the rangers.  Proximity and approach angle to Exit Trail can be seen in the pics

Sad to see enthusiasm and energy wasted on work that made sense only to the builders.  Rangers have indicated they are looking for people building illegally.  With cameras hidden around the park trying to track the trail saboteur, they can focus on illegal trailwork more easily.  The fines are significant.

Walking back along Exit Trail is a pleasant thing.  It's nice country and the trail offers an experience different to other trails in the area

Back down on Casuarina there is also nice scenery and a new mood when riding toward or away from the velodrome

We should be able to start on Three Hills soon.

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