The Tipping Point

Tuesday, 03-Mar 2015 @ 1:29am

Sorry to Glen Jacobs, but this is not the tipping point he wrote about in Revolution MTB mag last year. It's the Nerang tipping point, when after many days of increasing soil saturation, suddenly it changes and sodden ground starts to set. It happens fast and luckily our work over the weekend and chance to get out again this afternoon were timely. This is mostly a pictorial post, (sorry but many of the pics were taken near or on dark) showing how Three Hills Singletrack and Exit Trail look after efforts to stabilise them following Cyclone Marcia. Compared to the riding damage on Pete's Extension after it opened and was drowned by rains, riders have been very respectful of new trails over the last 2 months. We appreciate it. It has made a huge difference to our ability to keep things under control.

Here's how Three Hills looked tonight: please compare to the last post. Starting at the bottom we added gravel and enhanced the drains by removing sediment

Some of the wet bits near the Casuarina intersection were already firming and minor repairs only were needed

Doug and Ash had worked on the wet, flat section below the tree jump after I took photos for yesterday's trail news. With some more work on the drainages and the addition of some scavenged gravel it was already far better than I hoped. We added more gravel today

Now the entire tread has gravel to stabilise it, not just the low points

The gravel came in those wheelbarrows from North Street Fire Road. Now we know we can do it, we wish we never found out!

The rollers in the rhythm section were good as was the armoured drain below them. I was amazed at how solid the exit from the double drops was after being very boggy yesterday, even after adding gravel

The bermed turn is settling down, but will need home visits from trail doctors over the next week to confirm recovery

Exit Trail was also a surprise. Some of it was solid yesterday and some was far from solid. More like quicksand... We had no high thoughts about it today. Happily, while it is far from rock solid, like the section closest to Centre Fire Road, it is starting to stabilise nicely.  Wheel ruts will still form this week (regardless STAY IN THE TRAIL PLEASE), but they will be easy fixed unlike what will happen to the native vegetation hit by ride arounds.

This is going to be a fun start to Exit Trail and a nice loop on Roy's and Happy Valley, or farther afield. Here it is in pictures, starting at the Three Hills link. Enjoy the pics and then enjoy for real. Introducing the new link from Three Hills Singletrack to Exit Trail as seen on dark

After a worrying week we are starting to feel more relaxed about the new trail work (not all of it yet)

If we do not get another dousing, my guess is that Nerang will be primo (might be the day before I tell you....) later this week. Let you know...

On the way out of the park tonight we saw the moon. Ash remarked it has been a long time since we last saw it. I think he meant it has been raining a lot when we stop digging in the evening

It may be time to change back from trail zombie to MTBer?

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