GCMTB Trailcare day, 3 hills lower opening.

Saturday, 07-Feb 2015 @ 8:09pm

Today I attended the GCMTB trailcare day.

We had a great turn out, and mainly focused on clearing sight lines along Casuarina Grove.

We all trimmed up the corridor to restore sight lines and free up trail line choices.We also removed a bunch of lantana from a slightly wider corridor than what we had been trimming.

We ended the day by officially opening the new Lower Three Hills line.

I did take more pictures today, but the mobile phone does not take great shots, so I will update this post tomorrow with some proper pictures of the new clered trail sections.

A big thank you to all that attended todays trailcare day.

On a side note: On Friday afternoon and also this morning, I fixed up some erosion along the link which bypasses the 800m loop.

As stated above, this post will be edited tomorrow with more pics of the work that was completed today.


08-02-2015 Edit.

I'll make this quick, as this traill news is long enough already.

Sight lines restored along Casuarina Grove

Bridges cleared.

5 ways Link Erosion repaired.

Action shots of the new Lower Three Hills trail section from today.

And Finally, while I was in the Park to get the pictures shown above, I repaired an erosion spot along Casuarina Grove. (Filled in what I could with stone, outsloped the trail above and added a slight high spot directly down trail of the new outsloped section)


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