Twice on Sunday

Sunday, 01-Feb 2015 @ 6:07pm

This Morning Louis and I went for a morning ride/check up on the trails after yesterdays storm.

We committed a lot more time to wrestling/clearing debris from the trails than we spent riding today.
We managed to inspect/clear Casuarina Grove (We never got to the 800m optional loop), Petes Extension, Petes, Bretts and 3 Hills.

We were unable to clear two logs on Petes Extension, so after our ride the big cross-cut saw was put to work.

After a shower and some Lunch, I returned to Hill1 with Doug to continue maintenance work on the original trail line. Our aim was to rectify some of the last deep erosion sections left on Three Hills.

We filled the worst of the erosion with stone, topped that with soil from our grade reversal above and blended the remaining shape into the back slope.


Finally a quick shot of the drain above as the three progress pics make it hard to see what we did with our drainage.


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