Saturday, 07-Mar 2015 @ 11:19pm

With most of our recent works riding well, we went to the Optional Loop of Casuarina Grove today. Doug and Ash recently filled a deep erosion gully below the highest point of that loop. It became very boggy (as is normal when it rains 400mm onto 50cm of new fill) with use during the wet weeks. However, by building substantial drains, the problem of water running along the trail was resolved. Those drains trapped a lot of silt and we were able to use some today.

Here's how things up high looked on arrival - not too bad considering the deluge early this year

Above this point we also improved one nasty, eroded section where riders dropped into a tricky, washed-out choke cluttered with roots from a dead tree. It was totally inappropriate for a green trail: nasty ascending and descending. Sorry there is no before pic, but while there is still challenge for a green trail, at least there is a riding line for the average rider


the trail deteriorated - looking down and then back up

Minor repairs included the addition of harvested sand, silt and gravel. The tread remains jelly-like tonight, but should cure nicely with some minor review works

The drain below these corners is functioning well

but that was the limit of works the lads did previously. Other drainage issues below that point were the main project today. We went to work repairing the exit from this steep bit of trail with a new drain/grade reversal that gently contours as riders descend into a more bermed exit turn

Today Howard Taylor (QORF MTB committee representative for the Gold Coast) was part of the crew. It was great having access to his knowledge of local flora and insects we saw. He was a good digging partner too, showing care and attention to the detail on the job. We also had a visit from a guy from the flatlands of Canukistan. He was on his first ever MTB ride and we amused ourselves over the 80 degree temperature difference. Hope he had a great ride

Here's the end result; this time looking from below up and including Howard transplanting viable vegetation

GCMTB is planning to run their first race in Nerang for 20 years on March 19th. It will include this section of trail. MTBtrailcare is assisting with parts of the course because we believe increasing club members' interest in our trails is essential. We need more people volunteering their time to trailcare. The club is now hosting monthly trail care days. With club races scheduled weekly, perhaps that balance of use versus help may need review in the not too distant future?

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