Site Inspection with QPWS

Thursday, 05-Feb 2015 @ 12:57am

This afternoon Michael Hoare, Ashley and I went out to inspect Three Hills (etc) with Henry Waterman and Mark Patenaude from QPWS

It was a very constructive afternoon and we were not the litter being caried out in this picture! We were praised for the effort and quality of our trail closures after the professional building.  It was a team project, but we thank Ashley for his unstoppable effort. Allowing for riding (and clearing trail while riding), he has worked on trail all but 5 days since Christmas. Grasses continue to sprout on the closed, old Three Hills trail and it really looks great (if you can see it at all from the new trail).

Exciting news is that our new, lower Three Hills Singletrack has been authorised for opening, but we have decided to delay the the official opening until this Saturday afternoon following the Gold Coast MTB Club maintenance session. That starts at 3.30PM - please cut and paste this address for more details  


It looks like the weather is going to be showery, but pretty good for a week, so we hope to see you there with the club volunteers to make improvements on overgrown and eroded sections of trail (nothing too physically hard) before we all open and sample the new section of Three Hills Singletrack.  That means Three Hills Singletrack will be good to go, top to bottom and it will be fun....



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