Bretts, Erosion Repair

Friday, 30-Jan 2015 @ 8:21pm

Today I went out with Sandy and Terry from the GCMTB Club to do some repair work on Bretts-Trail at a point where the trail had disappeared into an underground erosion channel.

Yesterday I did some prep work by collecting stones to use as a barrier along the trail/erosion-edge, with the intention of reusing them for todays task.

Here is how things looked before starting work today.

We used dirt from the lower side of the trail to fill up the erosion on the trail line and above.

We then tamped it all down, filled in the low side of the erosion with stone and also added stone to the trail tread.

By filling in the erosion line instead of digging a very deep low point, we were able to save 100% of the roots from the surrounding trees. (Hopefully they will return the favour and help to hold things together for us)

While Sandy and I were quickly using up our stash of rock, Terry was kept very busy topping us up with even more.

Once we were satisfied with our repair, we blended the edges down to the new tread height and blended the fall from the erosion line above in an effort to help reduce further erosion.

There is still substantial erosion below the trail at this point, so I will be keeping a watchful eye while riding through here over the next few months.


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