Trees Down

Saturday, 28-Mar 2015 @ 7:55pm

If you go back to the trail news of February 3rd 2013, the report includes clearing fallen trees on Pete's Extension, close to Casuarina. Deja vu today! Back then a falling tree took out one big neighbour and some small ones creating a mess over the trail. We noticed it had also impacted another large tree on it's way down. Recently that one lost its grip and went to join its mates. In the following before and after pics, the 2013 lumber is pale in colour

We started by clearing shattered bits and cutting away smaller limbs, then we cut the big stuff. The trail is now back in action

After that we did some roving sightline work on Pete's Extension and minor repairs on the way back through Casuarina to 5 Ways. Doug and Ash had cleared drains on Casuarina near the velodrome before I arrived, so lots of happy little tasks were ticked off, plus we worked out what we want to do in a couple of other spots in the near future. Hope everyone enjoys better riding. Sorry I didn't take any other pics. 

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