3 Hills, Hill 1 Original sections

Saturday, 31-Jan 2015 @ 8:13pm

Today we went out to do some basic maintenance on the original trail sections of Hill 1 on Three Hills Single track.

Directly below the Hill1/Exit Trail cross over, we cut away the higher outer trail edge and filled in the deep erosion which had formed on the riding line. We also slackened off the back slope from a near vertical hard edge into a gentle back slope, resulting in a bermed face for riding on. Uphill of our repair we added a low point to reduce water movement on the trail section below.

Higher up on Hill 1 (directly above the new Trailworx section), we removed an old fallen tree which had been choking up the trail line and also added a drainage point 5m above.

We then removed a few stones from the back slope of a few corners to improve the general flow of the trail.

We finally made it to the task we originally set out to achieve, a deep erosion channel (300mm). We filled up the bulk of the erosion void with rock and then blended out the trail edges to restore the trail tread, resulting in a tread height much closer to the trails original state.

I must apologise for not having any before photos, Enthusiasm got the best of me and we only managed to take pics on the way out.


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