A busy week

Saturday, 14-Feb 2015 @ 6:12pm

There have been a few notable changes to the park this week, so to keep this trail news making sense I have broken them up into groups.

Location Markers.

QPWS have installed new markers along the fire roads in Nerang which should help us all navigate the park.

I am very excited about this. Great work guys.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Since Last weeks opening of the Lower Three Hills Trail Section, closure work has started on the old trail line that it replaces.

During the week I closed off the old entrances to the old trail line with fluro tape.

I also closed off the bottom end of the trail to reduce rider disappointment for anyone potentially climbing onto what has now become nonexistent trail.

Before and after pics of the lower entrance.

QPWS have also done a lot of closure work to the top half of this trail during the week. (Thank you, your digger is much faster than my shovel)

So this is what the new entry/exit to Three Hills looks like for anyone who has not yet checked it out.

Sight lines and erosion repair.

During the week I was also working my way through the 800m optional loop on Casuarina Grove with a set of cutters. This was simply continuing the sight line work which had been started last week. (I have now trimmed the entire 800m loop)

Because of the assistance QPWS are giving for our closure work on the lower half of the old lower Three Hills trail section, Doug and I were freed up to work on the 800m optional loop where the trail had become extensively eroded. (pics are looking up hill in ascending order)

After 5 1/2 hours of very hard work, the trail is looking much better with grade reversals and proper drainage points.

Looking uphill.

Looking downhill.

Nerang has had a very positive week.


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