Another ANZAC Day Digging

Saturday, 25-Apr 2015 @ 10:24pm

Ash and I have a habit of digging on ANZAC Day. This year we had Doug, Michael and Roy (GCMTB Club President) to help us re-align and drain the intersection of Casuarina Grove and Pete's Extension. The job we did last week a little farther up trail is looking and riding really well. Today we did something similar.

This is how things started. An eroded and awkward corner that riders have cut in an ever-widening attempt to avoid the rut and take a straight line 

The other intersection line was eroded, rough and narrow

We started the realignment with a new entrance turning more uphill into a soil-only, subtle berm on the North Street side. We also enhanced the approach line for riders descending Pete's Extension

The 5 Ways arm required some new rolling mounds and dips

We used excess dirt and organic matter to cover the widened line after chipping up the surface. 15l of water sprayed on should help regrowth.

It seemed to ride well watching Ash and Doug trying it in the dark. Next weekend we are going up to work on Pete's.

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