Re-Route project.

Friday, 14-Sep 2012 @ 7:54am

As of Wednesday Sept 12 we have been given the ok to undertake a giant trail re-route project.

Some of us will already be familliar with this project, (We thank you for all the hard work you Guys and Girls have already invested into this section of trail).

This simple 400m re-route has now been given the ok to replace aprox 1.5km of existing trail, and is estimated to require aprox 1500 hours of volunteer trail work to complete, so we are open to any help we can get.

As this is such a large project we will be working on this almost  every weekend, just make contact through the contact page or give us a call and we can organise to meet up and get building.

Work will start on this re-route again some time in early October.

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