Trail audit.

Wednesday, 19-Sep 2012 @ 5:24am

All existing MTB trails within Nerang National Park have been assesed and the Trail-Audit has now been finalised. A list of mandatory repairs have been issued that must be completed in order to have our trails open and recognised as official trails.

Currently we are looking for Volunteers who would like to get involved in knocking some of these jobs off our list.

These jobs will most likley be broken down and given to workers, each with their own section of trail to maintain and call their own.

To get involved in this Please contact Peter Hallinan, as he is organising these repairs. Contact.

Mongrels, Petes, and the short section of trail that joins Petes to Casuarina all need repairs done in order to have them included within the official trail network.

Three Hills and Casuarina are currently the only trails we officialy have and these also require alot of volunteer hours to finish all the repairs on the Trail-Audit list of repairs.

Once we can show we are willing to work together with the Land Managers towards our common goal of having a safe and sustainable trail network we will be given opportunitys to have more trails opened up.

The only way to progress our local  MTB riding  is to get involved and do things officialy. It is how we will build strong and long lasting relationships with the Land Managers, (These guys decide the fate of our sport as MTB requires use of their land).

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