Rain Check

Wednesday, 26-Mar 2014 @ 7:19pm

Today Louis and I cancelled our ride and went in to see how our weekends work was holding up to the recent rain.

Louis got started about 30 mins ahead of me, and discovered a large fallen tree across the trail.
This worked out well as it meant i then knew to bring in a saw to get things sorted right away before alternate lines start forming around it.

Our work from last weekend has held up well, with all water exiting from the new drains.

While we were in there we finished off the drain below the main corner started last Sunday.

With our soil from the drain we then added a small ammount of soil to the trail surface through the exit of the corner to visually encourage an even arc in the riding line, and then added a slight high point after the drain as a grade reversal with what soil was left over.


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