Casuarina start is taking shape

Sunday, 27-Apr 2014 @ 6:47pm

We hope everyone has enjoyed the 2 long weekends as much as we have.  Magic weather on the Gold Coast and the enthusiasm a new trail project generates has made it a productive couple of weeks for us.  Here's where things are at on the new start to Casuarina.

From the dead tree we reached last weekend

there was some line clearing before the trail digging started

Then the drains were located

Then more line clearing

Then we removed the lantana debris from our previous harvest to make the new trail area look the way it should.  We piled a lot of it between the current Casuarina and Three Hills Trails and stamped it down, so it looks less messy until we can use what's left for trail closures

As usual, we try to save plants unlucky enough to grow in natural drain lines.  We have succeeded with Lomandras in the past

Some signs were added.  This trail is very close to the current Casuarina line.  It joins only 50m or so from where we are now and stickybeaks are inevitable

We like it when riders come sniffing.  Unless we see how people ride the trail, we can't really build what they want.  So, if you are passing and see us digging, don't just talk to us for ages and not ride the new trail.  We need time to build and the feedback we get from watching someone riding

is far more valuable than another chat (NOI).

It's a lovely Autumn, but getting dark earlier, which limits trail work time.  However, it is looking like rain this week and that's a bonus in these dryer months. 

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