First Sod Turned on the New Casuarina Start

Sunday, 20-Apr 2014 @ 6:33pm

The new line is started and how dirty do you think we are with Kate and Wills backing out at the last minute....  AND after we selected a nice sod and fashionable shovels for the occasion!  

Nothing stops a new project though and with heavy hearts and shovels, we pushed on with our own royal flourish.  We chose this spot to start and will not work between this place and the velodrome stile for some time

Here's the start of the corridor

to start the before and after pics

After the old DNR trail intersection (the original DNR trail was replaced with the current Casuarina Loop and Three Hillls Trails more than a decade ago), the new trail follows the creek line

Some of it was confusing

Until we cleared the corridor, subtle terrain contours and logical corner and drain positions were hidden (sometimes by lack of daylight)

Happy Easter everyone:  This is the egg hatching near the velodrome

As the result of being jilted by a snooty sod-turning party, we were not happy, Jan!  Despite the mellow and satisfying feeling of a developing trail, wars start from less than this!  

So if it's war they want, then it's war they'll get!  If you are easily offended, turn away now, because lots of Lantana was killed in the building of this trail.  Near the bottom, there was wholesale slaughter

So many Lanatana were destroyed, sometimes it was hard to tell what else was there before (see the Gallery for a before pic)

Farther up the trail, removing more advancing Lanatana defines the hill contours, although the clutter of drying Lantana is not all that scenic

Soon, however, it will rot and riders will have even better views of the creekline  

We like this new trail so far

Happy Easter

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