Rock & Roll

Saturday, 30-Aug 2014 @ 7:58pm

It was back to Three Hills today to harvest and relocate rocks needed for a walled turn above the creek.  It is a 6.5m radius turn of over 200 degrees and the lower half has to be built up to better manage a 2m vertical drop through the turn.  Rock forms the base of the elevated tread.  The top half of the turn will be lowered as well and that fill will be added over the rock and stone base lower down.

Lots of big rocks of various shapes are needed.  Some will act as blocks and others sheets or "nails", all locking together so the wall retains structural integrity over time.  We made a start this afternoon.  My guess is we have about 40% of the rock we need.  Lots of smaller stones will also be used over the big rocks and under fill removed from the top half of the turn.  

This is a big task and will continue for a while yet.

ps: September 3rd

Ash and I put in some time getting more rock this afteroon.  We feel we have enough to start building the wall now

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