A tricky rock wall

Saturday, 06-Sep 2014 @ 9:31pm

Having collected rocks for our turn near the creek, it was time to start building the wall; not a simple task.  

Line, gradient and tread angle are all important, but bedding or benching-in the outer edge of the wall became our priority.  

To avoid the wall falling into the creek, we had to dig into the slope quite a bit.  Part of the process was to  continue the armouring through the low point and up the other side, so that when water drains across the turn, it will run over solid rock at the llow point.  

After experimenting with many combinations of rocks and their alignment, we decided that one layer or rock, no matter which way we layed them would not be enough to manage the gradient through the corner.  In the next pic you can see how the outer wall is increasing in height as the turn climbs.  

Looks like we will need some more large, flat sheets to get the top right, plus there is heaps of work to do throughout the turn to complete the heavy armouring.  Following that will be the  addition of lots of smaller stones before fill covers the lot.  

We also salvaged 2 nice rocks for another project about 40m down the trail.  They will be part of a technical trail feature rare in the park and we think riders will like it.  That's it for this week.  Happy Father's Day for tomorrow.  No digging because of that and also don't forget the World Championship MTB events are on in Norway this weekend - check Red Bull Live


PS:  Ash said he wouldn't but he did go back on Sunday to collect more rocks and start building up the top end of the wall.  The lower end will be raised a bit as well and then we add lots of small stones and fill, plus work of the drainage details.  There's still a lot to do

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