Our walled turn is developing

Sunday, 14-Sep 2014 @ 9:03pm

Ash spent three afternoons this week collecting raw materials and trying to get the lower end of the wall right.  He wasn't happy with the results and today he made a fourth attempt.  While Ash rearranged the lower wall I started at the top, with small stones being added over large ones, covered with some fill excavated from the inslope

Michael and Lynn came to visit with their beautiful baby, Zachary.  Although we had to move a lot of  small stones, his hands are not quite big enough yet, so we let him go home with Lynn.  Michael stayed and the three of us made great progress

Progress that was observed by our new trail mascot.  Something tells me we have to find a less depressing place to put her....

By finish of day we had added another layer of light fill and fine stone.  This will all be covered with dirt excavated from the top and very bottom of the turn.  The first application will be left loose for rain to carry deep into the rock base.  The next layer will be tamped into the tread.  Over time the surface will become more raw as the rocks and stones expose.  We have to make sure the tread will always be rideable by balancing the use of larger and tiny stones and giving them all something to bear against

The turn is still not finished.  We have to change the inslope near the bottom to increase the width and depth of the stone base, but it is taking shape quite nicely and is also starting to look like a trail feature from various sides

We are looking forward to this bit of trail

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