Thursday was nice too

Thursday, 18-Sep 2014 @ 8:21pm

The walk yesterday helped my back a bit, so when Ash was keen to throw some dirt again, I went out with the camera.  He started shaving the surface after we located and visualised our main upper drainage

Bit by bit he lowered the surface and broadcast the soil over the stones in the wall, although broadcast isn't quite the right term.  "Payload delivery" he calls it

Some of the tread to be was partially exposed.  Ash dug away from the upper trail edge and only superficially.  Eventually the upper edge of the tread will be gently bermed to meet the lower level

After a first layer of dirt we spread it a bit and walked it in - something I could help with.  

Then it was back to cannon fire from 11-12m

Tempting as it is to load soil into a barrow for this job, throwing it from a distance creates the best surface and starts the process of penetrating the stony surface better than any other method.  The next pictures show how the dirt lands and how we spread and stamped it again.   We left it hoping the forcast rain comes hard and fast to really drive the soil deep down into the stones before we add more layers

Over time the tread will become rougher and more stone will expose, so we plan to keep finessing the walled section for a while.  We may have to leave some piles of soil for later use.  We will see how the weather goes this weekend

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