Drainage Point

Sunday, 09-Nov 2014 @ 4:44pm

This Weekend Doug and I went out to do a little more on the replacment line from Casuarina Grove to Three hills.

Our focus was on the major drainage line feeding from the fire rd above.

We focused our efforts on making sure there was a wide drainage point for the water from above to cross the new trail line.

Uphill from this we used our excavated dirt to create a grade reversal/jump (although more of a grade reversal than a jump to allow climbig riders a decent way up the hill)

The surface materials which were cleared to make the drainage and trail line were put to good use. We collected all the organic waste and top soil so that we could make a start on repairing an old fall line trail /shortcut which has been closed for many years.

I always leave happy when I know that we have repaired a part of the park.


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