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Saturday, 22-Nov 2014 @ 10:21pm

Back from holidays and back into the dust today.  Ash and I continued work where Doug and Ash left off.  The following pics were taken in really bright and shadowy conditions and make it a bit hard to see trail contours in detail.  Hopefully the series of photos will show our objectives.

General consensus was that the initial plan of a jump into a combined landing transition and drain, followed by a roller into another drain before the next jump, was too busy, like this sentence!  The  tranny, drain and roller are in the first heavily shadowed area of trail in the next pics looking downtrail

and you can sort of see where it is looking back uptrail

The aim was to change two drains into one longer, draining tranny so riders can enjoy better flow and flight without battling the trail into the next jump.  Again, it is a little hard to see detail, but we almost completed the conversion of two drains and a hump into one long drain with a much longer and larger second jump by using all the left over dirt.  The drainage area immediately after the first jump (which riders can either clear or roll) will not be changed and covers ground to the first tree on the right in the next pic

We didn't get the whole job done, even if it looks good to go.  I find it really strange we have to make sure whenever we leave that anyone riding the trail will not get hurt riding constructions that are not complete.  Strange because there is no trail yet, just a construction site!  However, they come in numbers, whether we are there or not.  They look at us strangely; like what are you guys doing on our trail!  

The closed signs have been pulled down again as part of some continuing statement of disapproval that we are stopping them riding their chosen, favourite trail.  What's that all about - pissing on the leg of the guys making what you like is pretty strange behaviour.  On my holiday, Mogo was th place I most wanted to ride again, but it rained heavily in the morning and despite driving over 1000km to get there and despite it being after 3PM, I did not ride.  It just would have been wrong damaging someone else's hard work and I will not be very friendly toward riders coming onto this trail after it rains.

Anyway, it was very hot today and apart from being dead on my feet, apparently the heat made me grumpy again.  It was 34 degrees C on the way to the bush and coming home after 6PM it was still 27.  However, when Michael, our club liaison arrrived

it was time to pack the tools away and join Michael and Pete Wilson of Trailworx for an inspection of the remaining Three Hills changes up higher.  

I have no pics of that (couldn't lift a camera anymore), but it was great to get feedback from Pete about what we have been doing, perspectives on how he looks at trail design and rider management and some preliminary ideas of what a professional trailbuilder can do with moneys granted under "Friends of the Park".  It sounded pretty positive to my heat addled brain and we are looking forward to some more definitive quotes and options.  

As I said, there is no pic of the meeting, but as I walked down Centre Fire Road, it sounded like Ash, Pete and Michael were pretty chirpy riding down Three Hills Singletrack.  Sort of like this

even if some of the locals thought it was too hot for fun

I added a few more pics to the riding and animals galleries as well.  Happy trails.

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