Update on Lower Three Hills

Thursday, 27-Nov 2014 @ 9:07pm

Ash and I went out Wednesday afternoon with the aim of completing the drain and two jump features that have been evolving over the last 2 weeks.  Last weekend we left a double drain and subtle roller between the jumps.  This week we removed the lump to create a continuous transition and drain that will be less busy to ride.  Pics to follow with some pre and post work comparisons.

Before that, there have been issues raised about this trail on the GCMTB Facebook page this week.  Without going into depth, the trail is not complete.  It is signposted closed at both ends (new signs went up yesterday after the old ones were damaged or pulled down) and we really do need riders to spread the word that what we are building is not stable and not ready to be ridden en-mass.  

The trail needs to settle before opening and we have not even completed the drainages below all the features near the bottom.  We have had to build the larger features first to allow them extra time to stabilise and stabilise does not imply being ridden to death.  Apart from that we need to complete prearations to close the old Three Hills line before we can get to opening this re-route.  

The more it is ridden prematurely, the more work will be required before the trail opens.  It is simple: give us the time we need to get it done and it will be good to go.  Poach it and the entire trail concept will change as well as the opening being delayed.  Pete's Extension will never be the trail that was planned because of the selfish attitude of poachers during bad weather and we really do not want to see that on a trail that will receive amongst the highest traffic loads in the park.

Back to this week's work.  I guess riders will focus on the jumps, but the real focus was the drainage and flow between them.  In this vulnerable area without rock in the ground and limited sideslope for drainage, we take particular care with a site like this.  If you look back at the previous blogs,

the depth of the drain and size of the features become more obvious                                                                  

We believe we have now completed the jump above this drain by substantially increasing the size of the feature to make it sturdier, increasing the challenge for good riders and making life easy and more intuitive for inexperienced riders going up or downhill. 

Here's how it was last week

and now - juicy

The tabletop below the drain started like this

but has grown vertically, uphill and downhill into a feature with options

Things are shaping up on this section of unique Nerang trail where beginner terrain is evolving into something intermediate and advanced riders will really enjoy, whether leaving or returning to the trailhead.

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